Once a youth joins the AOK family, we provide a wide range of support, based on their individual needs. The support we provide generally falls into one or more of the following buckets:

We provide the resources our growing community of young people needs to negotiate every-day life, including food, clothing, phones, chargers, phone plans, health insurance, computers, bikes, art supplies, a safe place to do and get help with homework, laundry facilities, internet service and help applying for college, vocational programs, jobs and internships. Not to mention things you just can’t put a price tag on, including love, joy, trust, advice, high expectations, laughter and community.

When our young people go off to college, participate in vocational programs or take classes, we provide everything they need to focus on learning and succeed, including helping them find the educational path that best meets their needs, assisting them through the application process, helping them navigate the financial aid process, covering gaps in tuition, providing allowance and phone plans, paying for trips home during breaks, and making sure they have the supplies they need. AOK’s education support makes it possible to meet these expenses and allow a growing number of AOK kids to pursue their educational dreams without financial stress.

Many of our young people don’t know how to handle money. AOK’s financial literacy and wealth-building program helps our young people develop healthy financial habits that lead toward financial independence.

Many of our young people have never been on vacation. Over the years, we always bring a few kids with us on vacation. Starting in the summer of 2017, we will bring at least 12 kids to Cape Cod for a week of fun in the sun.

Every year we encounter youths who’ve never had a present to open during the holiday season. We ensure that all our kids have specially selected and wrapped presents to open during the holiday season.