AOK builds community to unleash the potential of young people.


As we increase the size of the AOK family in Washington DC and extend the reach of the AOK approach across the country, we envision the following in communities where we work:

  • Focused, confident young people able to accept and give love and support, moving with intention toward self-defined goals, meeting milestones and growing stronger with every step.
  • Adults who feel part of something bigger than themselves and grow from interacting with people from different backgrounds.
  • Strong partnerships with community and faith organizations and the business community to help our kids.
  • A nationwide network of mutually-supportive communities based on the AOK approach.


We believe:

  • All young people are diamonds in the rough and with the proper support they can shine a unique, creative, dazzling light on the world.
  • All young people need us to care, to see them, to defend them, to help them dream. They need us to stick by them, to show up, to be their biggest fans. They need us to love them as if they were our kids.
  • All of us aspire to be our best selves and flourish when surrounded by others with a similar commitment.
  • All of us need support, connection, meaning, community and love.