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“AOK has been my visit to a better future, more powerful than any political tract about what we need next.”

– David Brooks, New York Times

All Our Kids (AOK) builds community to unleash the potential of young people. We recognize the incredible value of our young people and provide the resources they need to succeed. We make sure they have what they need to negotiate every-day life; when they pursue an educational path, we provide everything they need to focus on learning and succeed, including filling tuition gaps; we help our young people develop healthy financial habits in order to establish financial independence; we take them on vacation and make sure they are celebrated on birthdays and holidays. In other words, we do for our young people whatever we’d do for our own kids. And it is working. The AOK approach results in confident young people moving with intention toward self-defined goals; adults who grow from participating in diverse communities; and strong partnerships with community and faith organizations and the business community committed to supporting our kids.



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